Earth 2 was captivating. From the moment I started reading it, I could not put it down. The turn, twists and the well written distinction going from Earth 1 to Earth 2 kept me tuned in and I couldn’t wait to read more.
There were several emotions that I experienced, from the well developed characters and how they tie into some parts of our own life as well as a bit of tear shed, laughter and happiness. And once I came to the last chapter I became sad it was coming to an end because I wanted to read more. With that said, I look forward to perhaps an Earth 3 or what you plan to title the book in its series.

Kimberly Meyers

“Earth 2 is an intriguing, thought-provoking tale that raises deep questions about honor and morality, while sharply critiquing the religious fanaticism that is an intractable dimension of human interactions. The story unfolds through the lives of three close, seemingly average young friends, whose lives eventually are engulfed in a perilous, epic campaign that will determine not only their lives, but the existence of the planet. Adams weaves the story in a vivid, fast-paced narrative that practically demands a cinematic rendering. J.J. Abrams, are you listening?”

David Ong