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Earth 2: Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1 – JOHN TOWERS e2 / Three Years Ago John Towers, a tall, strong, boy with dark brown hair, stared at the Neanderthal statue for a good 10 minutes ignoring Professor Jenkins’ elaborate explanation of e2’s first discovered extraterrestrial rocks, before finally raising his hand to grab Mr. Jenkins’ attention. “Yes, Mr. Towers?” asked Professor Jenkins, a kind, white-haired man in his late forties whose rimless glasses made him appear justifiably sophisticated. “Professor Jenkins, could you give us a little history on this guy?” “This guy, as you say Mr. Towers, is just about the most important finding in e2’s history,” Mr. Jenkins said walking toward the archaic Homosapien. The rest of the senior class followed closely behind Mr. Jenkins as they shuffled toward the 40 thousand-year-old find. “To understand Neanderthal,” Mr. Jenkins continued, “You must first understand their e1 existence.” Mr. Jenkins paused and took a deep breath.
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Earth 2: The Plot

John Towers, a young handsome boy reaches full remembrance at 20 and realizes that he is the carrier of a catastrophic message from his previous life. John first confides in his eventual girlfriend, Debbie Macintyre. Putting aside her own painful past, Debbie quickly suggests that John go directly to the police. While at the police headquarters John gets a televised view of his previous life, ala “Defending Your Life.” Within a few minutes the professional spectators witness the unthinkable as an elderly woman, Daisy, delivers the horrific news that a mission to destroy Earth 2 has been funded by a radical religious group who firmly believed that heaven, not another ride on a rock, should be the next step after death. Daisy delivers the final blow when she informs Dr. Steven Howell (now known as John Towers) that the Infinity space shuttle is a mere 20 years out from Earth.
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Earth 2: Preface

I started writing Earth 2 in 2003. It’s been a long journey and I couldn’t have finished it without love and support of my friends and family. Thank you, Meena, my beautiful wife for your patience and support allowing me to, at times, travel to get away to write in peace and quiet. My beautiful daughter, Ally who gave me creative direction and character names. My son Brady for ensuring I was sufficiently covered in spider-webs. Thank you to my dad for finishing his book first, motivating me to finish mine. A son could not ask for a more supportive, loving mother, thank you mom. I am who I am because of you. A special thank you to my sister and business partner, Kimberly “Id” Meyers, for her words of encouragement. I have a huge supportive cast of friends and family. Thank you Wen, Murray, Danny, Lerma and Heidi for.
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