Adrik Petrov

“Finally,” Adrik Petrov whispered to himself. My life’s work is complete.

Adrik walked over to his computer and read the message several more times, ensuring that it contained only what was necessary, nothing more, nothing less.

Dear people of Earth 1,

Your first question, without a doubt is, ‘why do I refer to you as Earth 1?’ The answer to that is quite simple: You are receiving this message from Earth 2.

My name is Sir Adrik Petrov. On Earth 1, or e1 as we call it, I was a female architect in Thailand, named Ba-jinia Mookjai. Here on Earth 2, or e2, I am a male scientist who has dedicated his life to sending you this message.

When you die, whether you’re a saint or sinner, you are immediately reborn on e2. By your 20th birthday, you remember everything about your life on e1. Your gender may change, your race may change, but you are the same person, with a second chance at life.

We don’t know if there is an e3, but most assume we would have been contacted by now if there were.

You must have countless questions and there is no doubt you’ll be frustrated by the lack of answers this message provides. For that I apologize, but too much information could lead to false interpretations. My intentions are to prepare you and so I leave you with the following advice that I hope you take to heart.

Put an end to all religious wars as they are meaningless and unjustified.

Live your life to the fullest.

Love and care for each other every day.

Fear nothing.

Be free.

Be happy.


Sir Adrik Petrov – A messenger

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