Emily Brooks

Grace Brooks rolled over and put her right hand on her husband’s chest. Richard opened his eyes, keeping his body still, except his neck, which he tilted to his right to see his smiling wife.

“Good morning,” said Grace with a kiss. “Can you hear her little feet pitter-pattering?” she asked, nestling her head into her husband’s chest.

“Oh yeah,” smiled Richard, putting his arm around his wife.

He couldn’t believe his little girl was already 6-years-old. She was growing up so fast.

“Here she comes,” he proclaimed to his wife.

The bedroom door flew open, slamming against the back wall, the door knob no doubt adding to the small dent caused by the four-year ritual.

“Mommy, Daddy!” screamed Emily as she ran into the room. “It’s good morning time, sillies. What are you still doing in bed?”

Emily jumped up onto the queen-sized bed and squirmed in between her mommy and daddy, nestling under the covers.

“Are you ready for another big school day?” asked her father.

“Yeah!” Emily yelled.

“Well, we better start getting ready,” her mother said.

The Brooks’ all hopped out of the warm, cozy bed and began to scatter. Grace took Emily downstairs to get her warm bread and butter, while Richard stayed behind. A short while later Richard appeared, in his normal work attire, a nice dark-blue, silk, Van Heusen dress shirt, with matching light-blue tie.

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