What would you do differently?

One of my favorite TV shows of all time is Curb Your Enthusiasm. During one particularly funny episode Larry and Cheryl explore the idea of eternity while discussing the renewal of their wedding vows.

Larry gets stuck on the idea of having to be with Cheryl into the afterlife. “I thought this was over at death. Isn’t that what we said, until death do we part?”

Earth 2 also explores this topic at great length. Eternity is the great reward that everyone is striving for, right? But I am not sure I want any part of it and I’ll tell you why. Sit back, close your eyes and think about the first hundred years of eternity. Now think about the next million. How insanely bored would you be? Now take that and multiply it by a billion, now a trillion, quadrillion and a quintillion. But remember this, always remember this, even after a sextillion you still have forever to go.

And so all of this got me thinking. What would I do differently if I had another shot at life. I am not talking about if I had a near death experience and how would I live this life differently. That’s easy. I would hug my children more. Kiss my wife good morning everyday. See the Grand Canyon, fly to Paris.

What I am talking about is, if I were reborn on Earth 2 and at age 20, I remembered that I was a husband and father, author, web designer, would I look to live that life again? Would I seek out a place like Soul Searching to find my loved ones that I knew from Earth 1? Or would I look to start a completely new life?

I’ve given this a lot of thought and I have to be careful, but the truth is I would look to gain new experiences. I’ve always wanted to be a professional hockey player for example. Of course the irony is that by age 20 it would be too late, again. Darn it. And I am sure that my Earth 1 love, my true love, my soul mate and I would meet again and fall in love again. On Earth 2 this is called Sentire.

So what would you do differently?

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