Infinity Crew

First Generation

Mike Dunlop and Michele Dunlop
Children: Matt Dunlop and Jessie Dunlop

Shawn Grimson
Children: Trevor Grimson and Day Grimson

Andy Fluth and Barbara Fluth
Children: Art Fluth and Ashley Fluth

Ben McBride and Suzanne McBride
Children: Daniel McBride and Julie McBride

Second Generation

Matt Dunlop and Day Grimson
Children: David Dunlop and Vickie Dunlop

Art Fluth and Julie McBride
Children: Scott Fluth and Jenny Fluth

Daniel McBride and Jessie Dunlop
Children: Richard McBride and Missy McBride

Trevor Grimson and Suzanne McBride
Children: Steel Grimson and Melanie Grimson

Third Generation

David Dunlop and Jenny Fluth
Children: Don Dunlop and Camille Dunlop

Scott Fluth and Missy McBride
Children: Marcus Fluth and Tabitha Fluth

Steel Grimson and Vickie Dunlop
Children: Mac Grimson and Darla Grimson

Richard McBride and Melanie Grimson
Both sacrificed at age 50
Children: Less McBride and Martha McBride

Fourth and Fifth Generation

Don Dunlop and Tabitha Fluth
Children: Michael Dunlop, Tim Dunlop, Peter Dunlop, Braden Dunlop, Gai Dunlop

Marcus Fluth and Camille Dunlop
Children: Howard Fluth (born 2067), Harry Fluth (born 2067), Luke Fluth, Tanya Fluth,

Mac Grimson and Martha McBride
Children: Ray Grimson (born 2068), Jim Grimson, Patty Grimson, Rebecca Grimson

Less McBride and Darla Grimson
Children: Lance McBride, Emma McBride (born 2067), Emily McBride, Cindy McBride, Stu McBride

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